Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

my lovely best friend :)

i have a friend name Axlia Andreas Atmaja. she was born at Balikpapan October 29, 1993. she's an india girl :p she's soooo beautiful, she's a model. she has a long and curly hair. i love her hair :D oh ya she also has a pointed nose and little lips. she's so sexy i think haha. many people said if her face is so exotic (waaaw). do you wanna see her? here it is.

beautiful girl, right?

i already said that she's a model and this is her photo.

aaaw that's a coool picture :D i love it :*

hmm what else? oh ya, at school she always look beautiful. i'm soo envy with her -___-

look ! she wear a hijab :D

oh god, she's really really a beautiful girl :)

in december 14, 2010 i went to mall with her and got a photo box. really love it !

i really miss this moment.

when she's birthday, i gave her my photo. not a good picture. i just can gave this to her.

at 4th picture, i hold a brochure of X10i. she really want to buy it. and guess what? she got it now ! aaaa i'm so glad to know that. congrats to my best friend :D

i'll always be her best friend now and forever :)

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